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Class Wrap-Up

Storytelling means alot more to me now. Considering how much one can learn from it. During this course I gained a better understanding of what intrigues me. My interest for computer graphic design has grown more than I would have known. I think my best work on an assignment was for the animated GIF and movie mashup. Using photoshop for the GIF was very interesting. Combining two movies to create one smooth look was also interesting. For the daily creates I chose to do more of the assignments for picture taking. Ones such as taking pictures of intricate designs showed me how fun it can be to mix certain types of media. I would definitely recommend this class to students working in the same field. It allows you to expand your creativity to a whole other scale. From designing your own websites and choosing how and which assignments to do, it really offers space for you thoughts to roam. If I was in charge of this class I would change the amount of time available. Even thought assignments were done outside of class I think I would have enjoyed more classtime to have more handson experience. I would also make more group projects. Nothing too complicated but just more interaction with classmates so that they can have better experience with brainstorming ideas. That can make students learn more about how to improve personal creativity.



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